• Jen Johnson

NWTC Gas Utility Construction & Service Program

There is currently still room available in the Gas Utility Construction and Service program that starts this summer at NWTC. Every year NWTC has offered this program, it has always had a wait list, and they get several students wanting to apply in spring who are discouraged by the potential of waiting a year. 

Gas Utility is a 9 month long program and when students graduate in Spring 2020 they are averaging $57,663 as a starting salary. The demand is incredibly high and graduates will quickly be making even more than that. Some grads have been making six figures within a few years (especially those willing to travel or relocate).

This is a fantastic opportunity for a student who loves to work outside and may be especially appealing to those who haven’t loved traditional classroom learning. If you are interested in learning more or applying please contact Andrew Mertig at 920-498-6891 x 6891.  He will provide you additional information and can provide tours and job shadows.  They will also waive the application fee.  Check it out at https://www.nwtc.edu/academics/programs/fields-of-interest/energy/maintenance-and-operations/gas-utility-construction-and-service

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