• Jen Johnson

BayCare Clinic Foundation

It’s scholarship season for BayCare Clinic!

The BayCare Clinic Foundation Healthcare Scholarship is designed to provide $2,000 to graduating high school seniors for their first year of advanced education in a healthcare field, or to college students who have completed one year of healthcare-related studies or are enrolled or accepted for the next term for healthcare-related studies.

The Griffin Scholarship is designed to provide $500 to students who aren’t ranked at the top of the class, but still have good grades, participate in extra-curricular activities, demonstrate a work history, aren’t receiving other scholarship offers and whose parents can’t fully fund their advanced education. The funds may be used only for college or technical school tuition, and not for online college tuition.

Both scholarships are available until midnight on April 7, 2019. Applications can be found here:


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