NCAA Eligibility Process

Amateurism certification ensures that NCAA amateurism regulations are applied uniformly for incoming student-athletes. The process is a collaborative effort among student-athletes, NCAA member schools and the NCAA Eligibility Center, which determines initial amateur and academic eligibility.


The amateur-certification process starts when college-bound Divisions I and II student-athletes register with the Eligibility Center. (In Division III, amateur certification is completed individually by the college or university.)


College-bound student-athletes are encouraged to register at at the beginning of their junior year in high school.


As part of the process, each college-bound student-athlete is asked to answer several questions regarding his or her sports-participation history. This is to capture a better picture of the prospect’s amateur status and to identify any potential issues that might conflict with NCAA rules. 

Most college-bound student-athletes who complete the amateurism certification process are certified. 

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