High School Course Catalog

The Luxemburg Casco School System (LCHS) offers a wide variety of courses for high school students. The Catalog of Approved High School Courses can help you and your parents select the courses that are best for you and your future goals. Choosing the courses for your high school program is an important task that you should do thoughtfully with your parents. You should consider:

• What courses are required for graduation?

• When will you take each required course?

• What are your interests and areas in which you wish to develop?

• What courses are best suited to your goals?


Teachers, school counselors and administrators are available to help you make wise choices. I encourage you to schedule an appointment with your school counselor to develop your Four-Year High School Plan, and meet with a counselor yearly to review your plan and select courses for the upcoming school year.


High school is an exciting time of your life. This is a wonderful opportunity to plan an academic program that moves you toward reaching each personal milestone for achievement.

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