Diversity & Discrimination

“Diversity” refers to the ways that we all are different from one another. Some differences can be our gendersexuality,  ethnicity or culture, religion or spirituality, family, how much money we have (our social standing), age, body size, and ability. We believe diversity (all the things that make us different) should be appreciated and celebrated! Loving differences starts with being curious and open-minded when someone seems different from us.


Discrimination is when people treat others badly because they are different from them in some way. A form of discrimination called oppression is often used to take power away from an individual or a group of people. It can be hard if we experience discrimination, but there are supports and ways of resisting. Learn more about discrimination, supports and ways of resistance.


We all have to work at challenging negative stereotypes, and not judging people because of how they look or who they are. We can take a stand against discrimination in all it’s forms (racismsexismhomophobiafat phobiaageismableism, for example), and look at our own attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours. We can surround ourselves with people who are different from us. We all have stuff to learn and our own lessons to teach. Learning the value of diversity takes a lifetime, and sometimes it can be difficult, but also exciting and rewarding.  

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